BLPSL Beneficiaries Participate at Komra Vocational Training Center (KTC) Annual Exhibition

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BLPSL Beneficiaries Participate at Komra Vocational Training Center (KTC) Annual Exhibition

Happy New Year, wishing you and your families a prosperous New Year 2020.

Greetings and welcome to BLP January , 2020 Newsletter

From the entire BLP Board of Directors, team members in the United States (BLPG), Sierra Leone (BLPSL), Guinea (BLPG), Nigeria (BLPN) and Cameroon (BLPC), we wish to thank you for your support and encouragement in navigating our challenges throughout 2019. We hope to do better this year in harnessing our key performance indicators as we strive to deliver on a much better platform to our beneficiaries in keeping together with BLP’s Motto in rebuilding broken communities

On Thursday 19th December 2019 the Komra Vocational Training Training Center (KTC) located at 25 York Road Waterloo held their annual end of year Exhibition at their campus. This event covers cross section of Vocational students in their various departments namely: Tailoring and Fashion Design, Hair dressing or Cosmetology, Catering and Hotel management departments. The goal of this exhibition is for the students to showcase what they have learned so far with invited guests, public, school authorities, parents, caregivers, partners, and other stakeholders. With Bright Light Projects Sierra Leone (BLPSL) having about 10 beneficiaries at KTC, it was a big day for BLPSL as well

Some fabrics exhibited by students of the Tailoring and Fashion Design Department December 19, 2019

The program started at 7:00 pm with an opening prayer followed by introduction and background of the Institution which was done by KTC students president Kadiatu Kamara. BLPSL team members interviewed with the female teacher of the Tailoring department and also the beneficiaries themselves. The teacher told BLPSL team she felt so excited and proud of the girls in terms of their conduct and performance and urge them to be resilient and stand for the future. She also commended BLP for their support in trying to promote the girls and also extending good relationship with the KTC. The beneficiaries on the other hand were overwhelmed with joy, they told they public they had hidden potential in them which they themselves never realized but with the help of BLP, they are grateful to God for the people they are at the moment whenever they think of the past.

As you can see in the photos, there were various kinds of designs of different styles lining up, they are the hand work of the Tailoring students which include BLP beneficiaries. I felt so proud when I saw these beautiful designs, it tells me we are working and our efforts is not going in vain ( says Fallah Sobana, BLPSL Community officer) present at the exhibition ceremony

For the Catering department, they did presentations of different kinds of dishes and modern decor themes. The food items were so delicious everyone was ready to eat.
The Hair Dressing and Cosmetology Department exhibitions were so colorful and impressive, you could tell the girls are ready to face the outside world with a lot of excitement and energy. Each student was scored based on their respective department head and grading rubric

Komra Training Center (KTC) Created in August 2007, to cater for vulnerable women especially teenage mothers, school dropouts, widows, commercial sex workers to empower them to become self-reliant in their communities. KFC’s historical background is a perfect match for BLPSL aligning with BLP’s Motto in rebuilding broken communities one day at a time, one girl at a time. The school offers a friendly learning environment and qualified staff.

  BLPSL staff and volunteers work hard to ensure success of our Programs