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We offer a strategic framework and guidance for volunteers which is a Distinctive Feature of the Nonprofit Sector and a Critical Asset to the Public and private sector in fostering mission critical Non Profit objectives. Our Volunteer program offers quality standards that meet international volunteer regulations. Bright Light Projects uses SMART platform principle in advocating and advancing our core Humanitarian agenda.

Our volunteer opportunities fall under two categories:

  • 1- Internships and volunteer opportunities with our PARTNERS around the globe are critical in realizing our program and project objectives. Our model is empowering local Common Initiative Groups (CIGs) through a strict selection criteria thereby having a direct impact with the local communities depending on the specific domain of ADVOCACY.
  • 2- We also have volunteer opportunities through research on specific advocacy areas of interest. Research is very critical in data and statistics measuring the scope of our projects. We do an annual publication of our research papers and enter a contest for our researchers to gain recognition and win prizes for their work. We are working with specific universities to allow students to do thesis on some of our core advocacy topics.

Volunteer skills needed include:
Grant writers, Fundraising Experts, Nurses, Social Workers, Teachers, Childcare, Creative Arts, Trauma Healing Counselors, Creative Art, Computer Skills, IT Teaching, Office Assistants, Projects Managers, Music instructors, Videographers, Youth and juvenile counselors, Trade school instructors and much more. Please send us your resume with a cover letter specifying areas of volunteer expertise.