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Aminata Kabia

Aminata Kabia is a native breed in Makeni who was born and bred there.

She is an orphan as she has lost her father then now staying with her single-parent mother as a widow,

Aminata was schooling but having no immediate family to look after her affairs since her mother who is alive is a vulnerable aged, a widow.

While trying to support her family, she got pregnant at the age of 15 for a man who could not take care her and the baby.

Her struggle to fend for the extra mouths in the family led to a second pregnancy, which brought about more devastating effect on young Amenata.

Through the BLB intervention program, she was enrolled in The Young Lady For Vocational Skill Training at the Sierra Leone opportunity industrialization center SLOIC training home.

BLP has also provided supports in counseling, monitoring, and often provide lunch and transportation fare for the beneficiary who has now taken her final examination and now waiting for graduation.