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Girls Shall Rise [GSR]: Fatmata M Koroma

Fatmata M. Koroma came into BLP during our vulnerability assessment together with the Ministry Of Social Welfare Gender And Children Affairs.

Her case was recorded to the ministry as a result of being abused for the second time, she was then recommended by the ministry as one of the most vulnerable victims of abuse,

Fatmata Koroma was at age 16 and in lower secondary 2 when she was first abuse with pregnancy by an unknown man, since then she became a dropout, as a result of sitting at home she got pregnant again.

The entire situation put her on a lane of struggle as she never planned to have two children at the early stage of her life. She was able to pull through with the intervention of the Bright Light Project through counseling and follow up monitoring during her pregnancy till she put to bed.

With the support of bright light projects’ under the Girls Shall Rise projects Sierra Leone we were able to return her to school as she is currently attending the national Pentecostal junior secondary school Makeni where we enroll her at secondary 2, 2019 academic and presently and she is in secondary as she is going to take her national external examination for higher secondary.

Through bright light project supervision Fatmata is doing fine and her child.

BLP assessments follow up and monitoring support with Fatmata M. Koroma a gender-based violence victim with two children.