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Girls Shall Rise [GSR]: Finah Marah:

Finah Marah came from an interior vulnerable village setting to stay with her aunty in an urban city to acquire education, unfortunately, her dream did not work as she expected from her aunty, and then became a school dropout.

Finah Marah then took her decision to become a sex worker which she used as a means of survival, as she faced a lot of violence and abuse in the street.

She then got pregnant and become a single mother and the breadwinner of her fatherless child, because there was no other family member to support as the struggle continued,

She then came in contact with Bright Light Projects under the Girls Shall Rise project with our intervention, we were able to do a family tracing and reunification on the 29th April 2021, where she is currently staying at 6 Baio street Makeni with a family member.

Finah Marah under the said project is one of the fortunate sex workers beneficiaries whom Bright Light Projects has enrolled for technical skill training at the Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization Center Makeni [SLOIC] and in the tailoring department.

Finah Marah as a sex worker, now engage in vocational skill training through the support of bright light projects