Adolescent Youths Leadership & Mentorship + STEM (AYLM+S)

August 23, 2023August 23, 2023

Adolescent Youths Leadership & Mentorship + STEM (AYLM+S)

Adolescent Youths Leadership & Mentorship  + STEM (AYLM+S)


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Focus: Leadership and mentorship for adolescent Youths in Junior, Senior Secondary and high Schools ages 12-19. Empower, Educate, and Energize Youths

This program brings together youths from all African countries and other with African roots in the Caribbean especially,

Youths are educated, inspired and empowered with information that will make them change-makers in the continent and around the world.


  1. Leadership and Mentorship for Adolescent Youth in Junior and Senior Secondary Schools ages 12-19.
  2. STEM Education for Primary and Secondary School students with a focus on developing logical and critical thinking skills.