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Dr. Eric Tanifum

(Board Chairman) Director of Fundraising and Resource Mobilization

Dr. Tanifum holds joint appointments as a manager of basic science research at Texas Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His Research efforts have resulted in the development of facile chemistries for the preparation of Several complex bioactive molecules, small molecule libraries for the NIH Molecular Libraries- Small Molecule Repository, and a biotech startup company.

In addition, these efforts have Attracted funding from both foundation and federal sources including grants from the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Institutes of Health to develop new techniques to Detect the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. His Community organizing and outreach activities span over two decades in the US and the Cameroons in Central Africa.

He has led several initiatives which have benefitted Underprivileged groups including school renovations in different parts of the Cameroons, and Dotation of supplies to the orthopedic and blind centers at SAJOCAH Bafut in the Southern Cameroons.

Dr. Tanifum holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Utah State University and a B.S. in the same field from the University of Buea in the Southern Cameroons.


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