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Harley Adamu

Community Health Care Liaison

Harley Adamu is a Registered Nurse. He is the Founder and CEO of Priority Home Health Care Inc., a company he created out of the belief that patients do better when care is delivered in the comfort of their own homes with compassion and dignity. Based on his intimate understanding of home care complexities and leveraging on his experience, Harley created a company that is deeply committed to helping clients and their families find the right level of care. Priority Home health Care provides the highest degree of quality home care and specialized health care services in Houston and the surrounding cities.

Harley considers himself one of the greatest beneficiaries of kindness; therefore it is not only a responsibility but his obligation to pay it forward. He is very involved in philanthropic work, partnering with different groups and NGOs on initiatives aimed at eradicating illiteracy, women empowerment, infectious diseases, and reducing poverty, especially in his home country of Cameroon and Africa at large. Harley is married with two kids.

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