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Republic of Sierra Leone has a total land area of about 71, 740 Square km. Population of about 6.4 Million with a growth rate of 2.3%. Ethnic groups include  (Temne 35%), Mendes (31%), Limba (8%), Kono (5%), Kriole (2%), Mandingo and Loko about (4%). About 70-80% of the population are Muslims with about 10-20% Christians.

Social Challenges facing the Republic of Sierra Leone

Literacy rate  about 48.1 %
Female Literacy rate about 37.1%
72.5 % of population living in poverty
29-31% of school age children are out of school
About 37% of children are engaged in Child labor
HIV AIDS adult prevalence is about 1.6%
About 12, 000 Ebola orphans
About 4,000 Ebola Survivors

Bright Light Projects Sierra Leone (BLPSL) pioneer project in Sierra Leone dubbed “Mend the Gap Schooling Program for vulnerable Ebola orphans” has directly impacted about 250 Ebola orphans. BLPSL has carried out vulnerability assessments in different communities and villages the following areas: Bombali District, Western Rural District, Kenema, Freetown. With over 4500 Ebola orphans in our database. BLPSL and its partners continue to explore ways to help these vulnerable children providing education support, psychosocial counselling, vocational skills training, confidence building, medical interventions, etc

BLPSL is working with Sierra Leone Correctional Services in providing formal education, faith-based counselling workshops, vocational skills training,  equipping prison inmates to leave prison as responsible citizens ready to contribute positively to the development of their communities.